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Best platform for launching an Affiliate eCommerce business based on Machine Learning Technology

HoneyStat unites manufacturers, distributors, Internet stores, affiliate entrepreneurs and million developers around the world allowing to effectively expand eCommerce business using modern Machine Learning Technology



We offer simple to use toolkit that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations to launch the Affiliate business in a minutes

Machine Learning Technology

We offer Interactive personal product recommendations technology for each individual buyers based on Machine Learning Technology

Sales Process

We believe that open new eCommerce business will be easy for each entrepreneur from any location in the world because offer comprehensive solution: real goods, payment gateway and express logistics

Simple payment scheme

Simple and fast withdraw for Affiliates partner 

HoneyStat partners

We solves main market problems:
Increase competitiveness and Increase sales

Our main partners is:


Distributors of goods

Wholesale Companies

Online stores

For Web, iOS, Android Developers

- We offer simple HoneyStat.OpenAPI which allow integrate into your WEB, iOS, Android, Telegram or FaceBook Application effective eCommerce solution
- Your have freedom of ideas how to use and monetise your application using Global Share HoneyStat.OpenAPI
- It is more effective alternative for monetisation of your coding experience then Google Adsense 

For Affiliate Entrepreneurs

If your have desire to develop eCommerce business and do sales in most profitable region but stay at your current location then HoneyStat help you and provide:

  • Actual full list of products with price from real manufacturers and stores
  • Payments Gateway
  • Local Logistics for all your orders
  • Simple and fast withdraw
  • Personal branding of an internet store
  • Interactive product recommendations for each individual buyers
  • Geo-product recommendations
  • Absence of risks: logistics, warranty service

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